In February of 2014 I setup a photoshoot with the idea of having a 50’s theme and some dark and moody shots.  The shoot came out really well.  As I did the shoot I had the idea that getting people together, organizing the shoot, the setup, shoot, processing, etc might make an interesting article.  I floated this to Corwin Hiebert, who manages famous photographer David duChemin and his quarterly photography magazine PHOTOGRAPH as an article idea.  The set wasn’t really what they do, but he pointed me to Dave over at PhotographyBB, who runs CLARITY, another online magazine for photographers that’s coming from a different direction.




Over the next few months, I talked with Dave about the details, wrote the article, rewrote, and rewrote again, and then threw it all away and wrote it again.  Then it was images, screenshots, and all the rest.  Dave and his designer did an great job laying out the article and did some really fun stuff with some of it, giving it a really great feel that I couldn’t have done better myself.


CLARITY is a bi-monthly eMagazine published in PDF format for maximum compatibility with a wide range of devices.  If you subscribe now, you can get a year at 28% off. Each issue is 70+ pages full of tips, advice, and great images.  Or if you want to you can just get a single episode (if I may suggest Issue #4, where I’m featured) or issue 1, 2, or 3.  If you choose to subscribe, I’d love it if you use the link below, which lets them know you’re one of my seven readers.

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