Alan Bailward Headshot

Just your friendly neighborhood photographer!


Hi, I’m Alan.  I take photos of people.

I’m a photographer because it lets me connect with people through the camera.   I used to be scared of people but now the camera makes me excited to meet new people.

I’m a cat person, and have two five.  I also have a wife who is a dog person, so we also have two poodles (who definitely love her more than me).  I have traveled but not nearly enough.  I’ve been a computer and technology geek since I was 12, and continue to be to this day.  If I don’t answer the door right away it’s because there’s a cat on me that I can’t find the heart to move it off my lap.

I wear sweatpants that are fuzzy and comfortable as soon as I’m home.

I want everyone to have amazing photos.  I want you to have a photo of your family or loved ones in a frame in your house that you look at and smile every day.  Knowing that I can do that makes me feel like I’m the most powerful person in the world.

I have a very precise list of TV shows I watch, generally with a laptop on my lap with photos ready to be edited in it.

I live in the beautiful Lower Mainland of BC, and service the Mission, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Langley, and Vancouver areas.

I want to talk to you, really.