Amazing Yosemite Fusion Video

I don’t want to turn this blog into a Linkblog, but after watching the video On Assignment on vimeo (twice) I couldn’t help but post it.  First of all it’s a cool mix of behind the scenes video and the amazing photographs produced. Second it’s all about rock climbing in Yosemite, something I used to be very much into and have even climbed in Yosemite a couple of times (not the uber-cool climbs these guys were doing, but still, fun stuff).  Now the video is from National Geographic so it’s very high quality in all aspects, but as a photographer pay attention to the high production values, the video style, lighting, and the fact it’s doing the “fusion” of video and imagery (though this video is definitely more on the “video” side than the photo side).

Just to prove that I’m not lying about my time on Yosemite, here’s a shot of me on The Diving Board at the top of Half Dome circa 1996.

Alan on top of Half Dome Yosemite