Baby Pony – Right Time, Right Place


Sometimes interesting pictures are just a case of right place and right time.  After leaving the Run For Water marathon the other day I went with my wife to her barn to help her with doing the daily horse-tending duties.  Of course, by “helping” I mean “trying to take a nap and then wandering around the farm looking for cool pictures until she’s done” (I’m not a horse person).  I did find that a pony had been born just 2 hours before.  So of course, I went in, camera blazing (and getting more than a few funny looks from the folks working there).  When I first got there, he was just lying on the floor, pretty exhausted by all that “just being born” stuff.


A bit later though, with a bit of help from cowboy Pat, he got himself up onto those spindly little things under him (pretty hard to figure out when you’re only two and a half hours old), and he got to wobbling around a bit.


The whole time the other horses looked on with varying degrees of a don’t-really-care attitude, but seemed to enjoy having their pictures made nonetheless.


Eventually, and with a bunch of help, he finally figured out where the milk was coming from and started to drink on his own.


Raspberries were given to the onlookers.