Bodyscaping 1

Bodyscaping 1

Model KrystaI’ve always been fascinated with “bodyscaping“, a technique of shooting only parts of the human body to accentuate it’s features and give the impression that you’re looking at a landscape.  In general, the subject is nude, or at least the parts you’re photographing are nude, and generally high contrast black and white.

There’s something about abstracting the human form down to a line or two of light and shadow, maybe you can tell what it’s showing and maybe you can’t.  Or a full body with the human form revealed like a figure study.  It’s really fascinating and beautiful, and a really fun challenge to photograph.

I had the pleasure of working with a model I’ve worked with before to do a test shoot.  Krysta was a great sport and a great subject.  This is a not-really-all-that-abstract shot of her sculpted back, which is well toned (that’s an understatement) from her other hobby of rock climbing.

When I showed her the shots on the back of the camera she said “I can’t believe I look like that!” which always makes me feel good.  There are some more images coming soon, some more traditional boudoir and less bodyscaping, but all fantastic.  I’ll post those soon.  If you’re interested in seeing some fantastic work, definitely search on a site like 500px for “bodyscaping” (note that most of the images you’ll find are not safe for work).

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