Guest Post in Venture Beat – Best and Worst iPhone Camera Apps

Venture Beat - iPhone Camera Apps ArticleLook ma, I’m published!

No really, I am.  My friend John Koetsier writes for Venture Beat and after a conversation a couple of weeks ago about the number of crazy insane (or is it insane crazy) number of useless and silly iPhone camera apps out there, he said “want to do a guest post?”  Hey, why not!

So today it was published, in all it’s 1400-odd word glory.  You can read the story here: A photographer and developer with 86 camera apps highlights the best — and worst — iPhone camera apps.

No, the title wasn’t my idea, but it is catchy 🙂

Anyway, I had fun writing it and investigating the crazy stuff that’s out there, and thought that I had some pretty decent advice on how to find the good apps, as well as my “survival list” of the minimum set of iPhone apps you need.

Note that even with 86 camera apps already, today I got another one, an add-on pack of the old school”wet plate look” (thanks to something that Jeffery Saddoris mention on his podcast).  It looks pretty cool.

I’ll link up the post in it’s entirety to preserve it for the future.