Help Portrait Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows 2016

Help Portrait Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows 2016


Help-Portrait is a global initiative created by photographer Jeremy Cowart in 2008. Its goal is simple, give portraits to people in need. It takes some very talented volunteers (in this case led by the awesome Brenda) to organize a gaggle of talented photographers, photo editors, hair stylists, makeup artists, and support people. They all come together and work to create a framed 8×10 photo that they walk out with.

Load of camera gear ready to go

Load of camera gear ready to go

Table full of makeup

The only one with more gear than the photographers are the makeup artists

While this is going on there are snacks, coffee, tea and other refreshments, a place for the kids to play, Santa who made a special visit, some live music…. the list goes on.

This year is the 4th year that I’ve participated in Help-Portraitas a photographer. This year again I was working at the Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows location working alongside friends for the day. There were four talented photographers working this year, Rick, Missy, Jeff and myself.

Over the day we got portraits to 255 people, a great number (but hopefully we’ll break that next year).  Here are a few of the photos that I took over the course of the 8 hours of photography.

There were tears, on both sides of the camera, and every family we dealt with was respectful and thankful for the service provided.  They were all a pleasure to deal with.

The day was really made amazing, by the volunteers, photographers, makeup artists, singers greeters, and everyone I’m forgetting who worked hard for what was a very long but also very rewarding day.


These girls sung their hearts out most of the day


Registration and greeting


Editors be editing


Missy, another amazing photographer

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The day was dedicated to Jody, a volunteer who sadly passed away this year in a work accident.  This sign and a full size card board cutout of Jody was there the whole day.

RIP Jody :(

RIP Jody 🙁

The entire affair was featured in an article in the Maple Ridge News as well.   The whole crew will hopefully be back to do this whole thing over again next year!