– A Documentary About Creativity And Making Things

A while back my buddy Bill Wadman, a fancy New York Portrait Photographer mentioned he was interviewed for a documentary called along with a bunch of other interesting artists and makers from around the US.  Today it came out and is available to on Vimeo to watch.

The description is:

My name is Brian Frank.

‘’ is my first documentary film. It was shot in the summer of 2013 over the course of a 3 month road trip around the U.S. I spent July-September driving around the country by myself, talking to different types of creative people.

It includes interviews of artists from L.A. to Boston to San Francisco, and many other cities in between. The interviews discuss reasons why one should get into art, how and when inspiration comes, whether or not it be called upon, and who artists should listen to.

With no prior film experience, the making of this project has served as my hypothesis on how I could turn my passion into a career — just jumping in.

The documentary is fantastic and worth watching.  Huge congrats to Brian for his success.

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