10 (More) Things About Working With Nude Models (via MM)

10 (More) Things About Working With Nude Models (via MM)

Model Mayhem posted a great article on their education blog entitled 10 Things You May Not Know About Nude Models. There’s some great information in there for both photographers and models, experienced and new.

(Image via Model Mayhem Blog – Model: Ella Rose Muse; Photographer: Karen Jones)

Nudity is perfectly normal, but I have modelled for the occasional ‘newbie’ whose hands have visibly shaken at the experience, who’ve wanted very much to mention their wives and happy marriages within the first two or three sentences (perhaps in the opening email) to assure me of their lack of intention, and who announce that they will be leaving the room every time I change pose. It’s sweet, but largely unnecessary.

Since two of my most popular posts are on Photographing Nudes (part 1, part 2), I thought I’d post this here.  Luckily most of the shoots I do I fall into these categories, forgetting to take the lens cap off, mentioning I’m married… all these things I do pretty much every photoshoot, regardless of the state of dress of my client.

Source: 10 Things You Might Not Know About Nude Models