Abbotsford Run For Water 2011

Abbotsford Run For Water 2011

In my quest to “get out there” more as a photographer, and a desire to give back to the community, I contacted the good folks from the Run For Water. I got a call back from Michelle not long after saying that it’d be great to have another photographer in the mix (they already had a company hired to handle the start and finish line).


So bright and early I set out with my lovely wife and dog in tow and spent the next few hours wandering in and amungst the crowd, both runners and families out for a fun day, snapping away. The people who organized also had a lot of family friendly stuff setup.  A climbing wall, events, games, and bouncy-castle-like funtimes were had by all.


Run For Water

It was fun to see the people out in the sun, but the real reason people were out was for the actual race.



The races, everything from a full marathon to a 10k and 5k “fun” run, were staggered in such a way as they all finished around the same time, which was a nice way to do it (though there were stragglers (ha, like I could have done any of those races in less than a week) of course).  Around noon when the majority of people had come in the awards were given out to the winners and top placing racers, and a giant check for $203,000 was awarded.



All in all a fantastic day, with great images by both myself and the other photographers there.  Check out the official images over on the main race for water site.  Great thanks to the other volunteers for helping me participate!


You can check the full album here on Facebook.