Martial Arts At Yeung’s Gym

Martial Arts At Yeung’s Gym

I was asked by a friend of mine (well, after I offered) to take some pictures of his Taekwondo black belt display. He was taking his final exam for the black belt and part of it was a day of exercise and demonstration to friends and family.


The day starts with a 25km bike ride, then pushups, sit-ups, more pushups, and then more sit-ups, then more things, then sparring, then being beaten with sticks, more sparring, then at the end of the day, you get to fight against waves of second degree black belts for 17 minutes straight. You know, normal stuff. Anyway, I had great fun shooting him and the other folks, and passed the images on and they were made into a slide show for the other graduates.


Here are a few images from the demonstration.