Adoption Announcement Photography – Alexandra Bridge, Fraser Canyon

Adoption Announcement Photography – Alexandra Bridge, Fraser Canyon

What’s a good way to announce that you’re going to be adoptive parents?  How about a great photoshoot in a cool location with some fun props?  That’s exactly what Cher and Tre did.  We headed out to Alexandra Bridge in the Fraser Canyon (about an hour’s drive east of Chilliwack) late afternoon on a gorgeous (perhaps too sunny and hot) day.

Bailward-20160605-Cher and Trea adoption-6771

Cher came prepared, as they don’t (yet) know the sex of the baby they’re going to be parents to, they brought both boys and girls tiny (adorable) shoes with them.

Bailward-20160605-Cher and Trea adoption-6737

Another must-have was props, lots of props.  A couple of maps, outlined so that BC showed up nicely on camera, and the wording all pre-written.Bailward-20160605-Cher and Trea adoption-6689

The chalkboard was a great idea, small enough to be held, but very versatile and it gave a variety of different photos with different looks, but a consistent message.

Bailward-20160605-Cher and Trea adoption-6697

Photographically speaking (a great phrase, but also an amazing book by my buddy David duChemin), the lighting for this was challenging.  I thought it was going to be dark earlier, but we shot fairly close to the longest day of the year, so even at 5 or 6pm it was still basically full sun!  If you know about photography you know that bright noon sun is the worst thing to shoot in, or at least vey challenging due to shadows under the eyes, squinting, and harsh lighting.

Luckily the sun was a tiny bit lower down in the sky, and Alexandra Bridge had some great big arches casting shadows, which let me place the couple in the shadow, which gave them much nicer and more pleasing light on them, and with some careful positioning of myself, I got them, lit nicely against a sunlight background.

Bailward-20160605-Cher and Trea adoption-6666

I can’t recommend Alexandra Bridge enough as a fun day trip if you live in the area.  It’s a gorgeous old bridge that was originally for wagons crossing the Fraser River.  Do note though, it is a bit of a hike down (and up).  Not a rough hike by any means, but if you have back or leg problems, be aware that it’s a bit of a slog up a gravel switchback trail.

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