Art World Expo Vancouver 2015 Body Painting

Art World Expo Vancouver 2015 Body Painting
"Queen of Hearts", Makeup by Angela Ayre

“Queen of Hearts”, Makeup by Angela Ayre

I had the pleasure to be invited to hang out with my friend Kelly MacLeod (an amazing creative makeup and special effects guy) behind the scenes of the Body Painting at Art World Expo in Vancouver.  The show was at Science World downtown, and the artists had four hours to get their subjects ready.  That may seem like a long time, but when you’re painting and costuming an entire human being, that’s not as long as you think.


I got there and was a bit nervous about taking my camera out.  I didn’t know anyone but Kelly and his wife Amanda and literally half the room was women wearing literally nothing but tiny underwear and pasties, and varying levels of paint.  However everyone there was amazingly friendly and open, and over the six hours we all bonded and I took a lot of photos.

Makeup Artist: Cory Keys

Makeup Artist: Cory Keys

The quality of art was pretty impressive.  The theme was “Fairy Tales” and I saw everything from First Nations themes to forest fairies to ice princesses.

I kept on telling her she creeped me out.  She liked that.

I kept on telling her she creeped me out. She liked that.

Here are a few shots from the event.  A big shout out and thanks to everyone involved for the skill of artistry involved and their friendly attitude!

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  1. monikablichar

    Thanks for the great photos! I just found this blog post! Hope you can come shoot again this year! We are now doing body painting competitions in Vancouver and Edmonton!

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