Introducing Bailward Wedding Photography (.com)

Introducing Bailward Wedding Photography (.com)

I’m happy to introduce Bailward Wedding Photography (dot com), my wedding photography website!  This is a place for clients looking for a Vancouver, Abbotsford, Mission and Lower Mainland wedding photographer.  Why build a new website you ask… you have this one here which is amazing (and awesome, and fantastic… I can hear you saying it now).  One of the big challenges with being a photographer and running a photography business is deciding what to show who. On one hand, I want to show myself as a versatile people photographer, able to do anything from Corporate Headshots to Artistic NudesFashion, Weddings, Babies…. everything.

The problem is that when someone comes to me looking for information on weddings, I want to be able to send them somewhere that is only weddings, so they can get the most information possible without having to dodge flying babies or crazy creative experiments.  Since I’m concentrating on wedding photography as my “main thing”, this gives me a home where I can concentrate on only this, and lets me stretch my photographic legs and explore other types of photography, experiment and do some crazy things and share them here.

I’ve been working on Bailward Wedding Photography for a while now, tweaking things, assembling images, writing posts, trying to determine to go with beard or no beard on the about page… you know, the big decisions.  I have a site that I’m proud of that I can send people to when they want information about Wedding photography.  No more “go to this other site site and then click on galleries and then click on…”.  Now you can go to and know that it will give you what I hope you need to make the decision to select me as the photographer for your wedding in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas.

Bailward Wedding Photography site - Wedding photographer for Vancouver, Mission, Abbotsford and the Lower Mainland

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I’m really proud of my wedding photography and the website and I’d love for you to go through and have a look, share it online, or send it to friends or family who are getting married and value preserving the amazing memories from their wedding day!