Pond and Candles Creative Photo Shoot

Pond and Candles Creative Photo Shoot

I’ve worked with this model before, and when she came to me and said she wanted to do a shoot at dusk, in a pond, surrounded by tea-lights, I was right on board.

Annalise Silverwolf

This shoot was not without it’s own drama however.  First of all, here’s a quick pointer.  Don’t bring only one lighter with you.  Just in case it gets dropped into the water.  I’m not going to say who was responsible for this, but lets say that I was really happy that we weren’t shooting that far from the house where I could get another one, but only after a quick (exhausting) run back to the car from the pond, and then a quick (terrifying) drive down the gravel road (and the same in reverse).

Annalise SilverwolfSecondly, if you do find out there are leaches in the water, make sure you find out after most of the shoot is done, like we did.  My eardrums are still reverberating from the scream that she let out when one touched her leg.

Annalise SilverwolfIn the end though, I’m really happy with how the images turned out, it was a fun experiment that I had a great time doing.

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