Postcard From Hong Kong

First of all, my apologies to David duChemin for stealing his phrase for writing home while on the road.  I was thinking “e-Card from Hong Kong”, but thought that might confuse most of the people out there 🙂

Anyway, as you know, or don’t know based on the responses from friends on Facebook seeing me posting from the other side of the world, I’m on a work trip from Vancouver to Bangladesh with the two founders of the company I work for to check out the office we have in Khulna, meet the 20-odd people that we have working with us, and of course, have an excuse for a cool trip to a place we’d otherwise probably never go.


 Looking across the harbour from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island


 Greeted by a friendly tugboat in the harbour


 Downtown Hong Kong is full of huge buildings



 Kowloon harbour looking to Hong Kong Island


 View from The Peak, overlooking Hong Kong Island… an amazing view


 Last but not least, bidding farewall to Hong Kong and winging the way to Dhaka

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  1. thaeus

    Amazing pictures. I had the pleasure of going to Hong Kong ages ago, but my camera’s battery was dead. I think I might’ve bought a spare battery somewhere in Hong Kong proper…

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