Studio Headshots – Jessica

Studio Headshots – Jessica

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I broke my ankle at the beginning of January and have been going absolutely crazy not being to do photography. No, that’s not completely right… I can shoot photos, but I can’t drive or go anywhere myself, meaning that the list of photoshoots, both client and for personal projects has been growing longer and longer.

That meant that each time I correspond with someone about a shoot I have to tell them that I think that I’ll be back on my feet soon, but had to wait to set something up until I was actually on my feet so I could get to wherever we were meeting.  I made the mistake of rescheduling several shoots until after I was told I’d be ok only to find out that it would be another 4 weeks.


I finally got so tired of it that I did something about it. I put out a call on Facebook for locals to come and help me out.  I had three local ladies respond and set up three 30-45 minute sessions at my house.  Before I did the shoot I cleaned the house and spent far longer than I would have normally lugging camera and lighting gear into the living room (not an easy task with only one working foot).  Somewhere in there two of the three subjects cancelled on me (at least they were nice enough to let me know things had come up and not just flake out and leave me hanging!).  The last lady, Jessica, was my hero that day and showed up on time, dressed to impress with some cool eye makeup done.

I had a great time spending a good hour with Jessica and did a bunch of shooting, resulting in the images that you see here.  Enjoy!

If you’re interested in getting headshots like this for yourself, please head over to the contact page and give me a call or email to book a session!