A Surprise Present From Peak Design

A Surprise Present From Peak Design

Today I had a surprise mail day, a big box showed up on my doorstep from Peak Design! Exciting, what could it be? It’s a big box, maybe some new mystery product they decided to have me beta test? Some gift for being a loyal supporter over the years? We’ll see….

Here’s the box in context, with my Cactus V6 II radio trigger to show how big a box it is.

Shipping box with radio trigger on top for scale (box is big, trigger is small)

A surprise from Peak Design… what’s in the box????

Opening it up and see a lot of packing material….

Box open with brown packing paper inside and nothing else visible

Stuffed with wonderful, uhm…. paper

Hmm…. Lots of packing paper, what’s inside?

Box opened but with nothing apparently in it.

I swear it’s not just full of hot air

Lets get a closer look down there shall we?

Two small containers on top of the packing box


Seems like a ridiculously big package for what would fit in a standard envelope, but I won’t fault Peak Design for being extra careful with my precious cargo 🙂

How this happened is a while back I got an email from Peak Design with some information from their mailing list about how to use their first product, the Capture Clip. I’ve been a supporter of theirs forever and took part in their very first KickStarter and while I’ve had both iterations of their Capture Clip, I’ve never really used it. The last time I tried it simply didn’t seem to work, which was disappointing, so I emailed them and opened up a support ticket, saying that I loved the product but never really used it, and could they help me out.

I got a nice fast reply from Jen saying that she thought that the way that my anchors were setup might be not the right way and pointed me to this document showing how to use the Slide and Clutch (the hand strap and sling strap they make, both highly recommended) together. In this she also mentioned that she saw I was using version 1 of their Anchor Links and she’d like to send me a set of the current (better, stronger) ones. I won’t say no to free stuff, so here we are.

I did have the anchor links on the bottom of my camera for quite a while. You can see the old versus new here how frayed and “soft” they look compared to the new ones with their tighter outside weave. The different material will fray less easily and is made of Dyneema Cord and a new injection moulding system. Or something like that. You can read about it if you want to.  When I took the old ones off I cut through them just so there’s no way that me, or anyone, might be tempted to use them again for some reason.

Here’s the new set of anchors in place, ready to face this season of weddings, portraits, and whatever else is thrown my way!  Big thanks to Jen and Peak Design for having my (and my camera’s) back 🙂