Terra Jean And Her Cool Old House

Terra Jean And Her Cool Old House

Terra-Jean is one of the first models I shot when I started getting into off camera flash years ago and was introduced to how completely different a photo could be with a “real” model instead of your cat…. or a tree…. or a mountain….  Anyway, I’ve loved shooting her in the years since we first met and she remains one of my favourite people to explore cool photography ideas with.

This time it was dealers choice… she is currently living at a very cool old house (I want to say 1918 is the date she told me it was built) and we did some photos there.

💄 Makeup was done by the amazing Melissa Rankle!

The shot below here is an extreme crop from a head and shoulders (or more) portrait.  I really like having the full 36 megapixels to crop on the Pentax K-1!

I definitely want to go back and shoot here again.  The house as a setting is great, and I would love to use it more with more time and more setup.  Next time for sure 🙂