Surrey Headshot Photography – Angel

Surrey Headshot Photography – Angel

Angel is the daughter of a friend of mine who’s wedding I photographed who is looking to get into modelling.  We set up to do a shoot at her property in Surrey.  Golden Hour is one of the great times to photograph portraits, you get an amazing golden light at a low angle, making it easy to create great rim light or backlight, or of course the sun shining through trees behind your subject.

Female portrait with sunlight behind her Female portrait with sunlight behind her

It wasn’t all backlit portraits, don’t forget to turn your subject around and let that great evening light fall on their face, and then use a long lens with a shallow depth of field with a neutral background (like the cedar trees in the backyard), as well as of course some fun shots in the grass.

Female headshot with green blur behind her Female lying on the grass

A brief interlude with the cat.

Photography by Alan Bailward Photography -

I had a great time shooting Angel and I think we got some great shots that will help her kickstart her modelling portfolio!

Female portrait with sunlight behind her