Mission Boudoir Photography

I’ve known the beautiful Miss C for a while now, but we only recently were both be in the same city of the same province again and set up to do a very special boudoir photoshoot for her! I finally got the photos all off to her tonight and thought what better way to add another blog entry that had a magician and a rapper as the last two people featured as a sexy boudoir shoot! I’m very happy that she was happy with the photos and gave me permission to share a few with you.

Mission Boudoir Photography Mission Boudoir Photography

I’ve been talking about converting my basement into a proper studio for ages now, all hinging on

  • Moving all my random junk out (and finding a home for it somewhere)
  • Repainting the walls from a bright orange to something a bit more monotone and less likely to pick up light in a shoot to give people an orange look.

Despite these two things I’ve done a few shoots now in the as yet un-repainted and un-cleared basement, and they do seem to be going well, this shoot was in the home studio again and I think the results speak for themselves!  Miss C and her best friend were there and it was a great time, transitioning from gales of giggles to soft and sensual.

Mission Boudoir Photography

After it was all over she had to fly back home to the east but I know she’ll be back at some point soon and we can shoot again!

Mission Boudoir Photography

Do you think that you might be interested in doing a boudoir shoot?  People do it for all reasons, sometimes it’s just something special for them to remember a period of their life, or a fitness goal they hit, or they just want to be pampered and get to show off their hot and sexy side.  Others do it for their partner, getting a beautiful folio album (locked so it can be kept private of course) for someone special to show off something steamy.  If you think you might be interested, or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, or look through some of the other photoshoots that have been done here in the studio or in the privacy of your own home.