Boxer Photoshoot Behind The Scenes Timelapse Video

Boxer Photoshoot Behind The Scenes Timelapse Video

I had an amazing photoshoot last night with Bry Jensen, fitness model and personal trainer, and while I don’t have any photos to share (yet, they do look amazing!), I setup my phone and shot a 30 second time-lapse video of the whole shoot.  It’s pretty fun and I hope you enjoy it.

A few details about what you’re seeing….

This was done in a makeshift studio space in my carport at the headquarters of the Bailward Photography empire.  I wanted to simulate the grimy corner of an old gym as the environment for the shoot, and because with the framing of the photos you don’t see a lot of the background, the corner of the carport (already fairly grimy), with a bit of “set dressing” gave some interesting elements visually.  Of course by “set dressing” I really mean “I moved the random crap sitting in the rest of the carport all into the same corner” 🙂

The equipment you see in and around is mostly fairly inexpensive lighting modifiers that I got from Amazon over the last few years.  They range from “eh, not bad for $17” to “OMG I LOVE THIS“.  In that latter category are the two ePhoto 10″x36″ stripboxes with grids with a Bowens L-Bracket to make them usable with speedlights.  The lights were triggered by the Cactus V6 wireless radio trigger.  I do have some of the newly announced Cactus V6-II triggers, but there isn’t (yet) compatibility between the original V6 and V6-II triggers, and I wanted more than two lights triggered, so I used my (vast) collection of the original V6 triggers to fire and control settings on up to four flashes at a time.

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