Outdoor Portraits at Cascade Falls

Outdoor Portraits at Cascade Falls

A couple of weeks ago I went up to Cascade Falls, just east of my hometown of Mission, BC, to enjoy the falls in the snow and ice of the particularly cold and long winter (for this area anyway). My friend since university who I will identify as “Mr. C” was up there with us and we took a few photos in between playing with some photos of the falls and breaking my ankle (that’s a story for another time).

C looked good up there, I used the sun as a backlight and exposed for his face, but was careful not to blow out the highlights too much. The Pentax K-1 is great at maintaining details in the shadow, and I was able to keep the highlights nicely contained but still get some decent light on his face.

Post processing was pretty simple, fiddle with the colour of the light so that it matched what I remember it looking at without turning him into an orange umpa-lumpa, and make sure that the shadows and highlights were controlled. A little selective adding and removing of clarity here and there for effect and there are a couple decent shots of one of my best friends up at the falls!

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