Creative Creepy Horror Shoot

Creative Creepy Horror Shoot


Something a little different today.  This was a shoot setup by my good friend Kelly McLeod, a makeup artist and creative guy who has a head full of ideas.  This one was a creepy shoot inspired partially by The Ring.  The model, Caitlin Price, was setup in a very creepy fashion (some behind the scenes shots at the bottom of this post) and then contorted her body fantastically.  Honestly a couple of times I just had to step back and tell her she was freaking me right out.

For the above shot we got Kelly’s brother Derek in.  I saw him (we were shooting at his house) and immediately knew we had to use him.  An epic beard, tattoos, and the muscles of a leading man.  Throw a spare machete into his hands and boom, we have a story in one photo.  I’m really proud of this one. AJB_20150619_9722 AJB_20150619_9600Here are some behind the scenes photos of the preparation for this shoot!

Model: Caitlin Price
Makeup and Design: Kelly McLeod / Mastermind By Design
Photography: Me!


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